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Published Jan 07, 21
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Established by Jose Gener in 1865, the name roughly means "valley of Monterrey," a particularly fertile site in the Vuelta Abajo, which had been farmed by Gener since at least 1860. The brand offers a lighter flavour and a wide range of sizes, the largest of which are much celebrated.

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New Details On General’s Modernized Hoyo Emerge February 23, 2016 Earlier this month, General Cigar unveiled a new cigar line slated for March called Hoyo, a modernized take on the classic Hoyo de Monterrey brand. At the time of the cigar's announcement, ….

For some reason I've never been a Hoyo fan, maybe it's me or maybe I've just never had a good one? I have only one box of Hoyo's ..the Particulares in my collection. I'm thinking about grabbing a box of Le Hoyo du Gourmet, Le Hoyo des Dieux, Epicure #1, Or the Double Coronas especially after seeing the 50 cab of Double Coronas on the recent 24:24 sale.

Twenty-twenty has definitely been a crazy year in the cigar industry. While we kicked off the year with the TPE trade show in Las Vegas, we all know how the rest of the year has gone. There has still been activity in the industry, with General Cigar Co. pushing more product to market than perhaps any other.

Instead, the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Selección was announced this spring, showcasing a classic look and recipe that tips its hat to both the brand’s Cuban and Honduran origins. While many will think of Cuban cigars when they see the name Hoyo de Monterrey, this cigar most definitely is not.

This cigar was also released with a purpose, more than to just bring a new blend to market. Epicure Selección is blended to honor tobacco craftsmanship of Honduras, where Hoyo de Monterrey cigars have been rolled since the 1950s. Ed Lahman, senior brand manager for Hoyo de Monterrey, says, “Epicure Selección speaks to the legacy of Hoyo de Monterrey which is one of the first brands to have been made in Honduras, and one of the first to feature bold blends made with native Cuban seeds cultivated in Central America.” Wrapper: Honduras (Cuban Seed) Binder: Honduras (Cuban Seed) Filler: Honduras (Cuban Seed) Factory: Honduran American Tobacco S (shop Hoyo de Monterrey cigars).A.

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79 (MSRP) Released in April 2020, this cigar comes in three sizes: Epicure Selección No. 1: 5⅝” x 46 $8. 79 Epicure Selección No. 2: 4⅞” x 50 $8. 49 Epicure Selección Toro Especiale: 6″ x 50 $8. 99 It is obvious right away that these Hoyo de Monterrey cigars are not Cuban, as the bright cedar box is emblazoned with the Honduras logo.

Taking a closer look at the cigars, the band, to me, almost has a bundle-cigar appearance to it. While it is obvious General Cigar was going for a traditional look, it just seems to be missing something (be it embossing or a higher grade of paper stock). The wrapper on these cigars is very dark and oily.

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There are visible seams and veins throughout the marbled surface of the cigar, but little to no bumps. The corona gorda is relatively firm to the touch, with just the slightest amount of give from foot to cap—offering the feel of a very well-constructed cigar. The aroma coming from the foot has a variety of notes, including cinnamon, walnut, and clove.

Click images below for full resolution Oddly, the cigar starts off with a very pronounced mineral note, with a little bit of damp earth and pepper. The retrohale in the early stage has the cinnamon and clove in it that was detected in the pre-light, along with a fairly sharp red pepper.

The mineral note present at first light still lingers vividly on the tongue. The draw is just about on the money, maybe just a slight bit on the loose side. This leads to a heavy smoke output, being quite easy to get a mouthful of the creamy smoke and enjoy the flavors at hand.

The vegetal note that was noticed in the pre-light appears. This enhances the strength of the red pepper and pushes the cinnamon and clove to the background, but not out of the picture. The aspect of the profile that surprises me, at this point, arrives on the finish—being a creamy-yet-bitter chai spice that sits all the way across the back of the tongue.