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Published Jan 17, 21
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What Is The Best What You Need To Know (And What We're Working To Find Out ...?

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Millennials are flocking to buy cannabis stocks at a faster pace than any other demographic, according to an analysis by the free trading app Robinhood. They’re among the many investors who have been eager to jump into the cannabis sector as stocks have rallied in recent weeks. The fervor over cannabis stocks has also led to scams: Earlier this month, the SEC warned investors to be wary of the hype surrounding new products or companies after it charged a Texas-based cannabis fund with misappropriating $3.

Beverage-industry giants are also taking note of shifting tastes: In June 2018, Heineken-owned HEINY, +0. 77% beer brand Lagunitas, which brews in Petaluma, Calif., and Chicago, launched nonalcoholic cannabis “beer” infused with THC, the component in marijuana that causes psychoactive effects. It will be sold in California’s cannabis dispensaries. In July 2018, the alcohol-manufacturer trade organization Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) threw its support behind states’ rights to legalize recreational cannabis.

04%, the parent company behind the manufacturers of Corona beer and Svedka vodka, invested $4 billion in a Canadian cannabis producer in August. Coca-Cola KO, +1. 05% said this month that it is “closely watching” the opportunities in CBD-infused beverages. Not all of this buzz can be attributed to legalization of marijuana, said Smoke Wallin, the president of cannabis branding firm Vertical, who has 25 years of experience in the wine and spirits distribution industry.

Millennials have been shifting from consuming “volume beer” — drinking cheap beer like Coors TAP, +3. 25% or Budweiser BUD, +0. 68% in relatively larger amounts — to sipping cocktails and wine in smaller amounts, he said. “ ‘As a generation, millennials have tended to drink less even before the adult cannabis legalization picked up steam,” he said.

“The shift to craft beer and cocktails as well as wines at a much earlier age is part of the millennial culture.” And marijuana seems ready to replace alcohol as a vehicle for achieving relaxation. In U.S. counties where marijuana was legalized, purchases of wine and beer decreased by 15%, a 10-year study completed in 2017 by researchers at University of Connecticut and Georgia State University found.

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brewers saw a “historically bad” year for beer in 2017, shipping 3 (here). 8 million fewer barrels than in the previous year. Alcohol companies that don’t adapt to this new reality risk being suffocated by the growing demand for cannabis, said Spiros Malandrakis, head of alcoholic-drinks research at industry analysis firm Euromonitor International.

If you use CBD regularly, especially for therapeutic purposes, you may be wondering if it’s safe to mix with wine. There is not much information available on mixing CBD with wine specifically, but we can look at CBD and alcohol to answer the question; is it safe to mix CBD with wine? The short answer is yes.

There are some obvious concerns when it comes to mixing psychoactive cannabis and alcohol. As many of us may have learned the hard way in college, alcohol and weed are not the most sophisticated pairing. But, CBD – a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis that’s become notorious for improving sleep, relieving anxiety, and more – must be a different story, right?Mixing CBD in beer and cocktails is becoming increasingly popular, so you would assume that it must be relatively safe.

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Although research into mixing CBD and alcohol is sparse, researchers believe that the two substances do interact. Furthermore, some experts believe that because both substances have similar sedating effects, they may actually amplify each other. This means the overall experience could be more intense. Technically, alcohol is a depressant because it usually depresses the central nervous system (but it can also have stimulating effects).

In larger doses, it has more sedative-like effects. Since both CBD and alcohol lower your inhibitions, the effects could be especially intense and long-lasting when someone mixes the two substances. CBD makes you very chilled, mellow, and lighthearted. Alcohol may intensify those effects. For example, one particular 2019 study found that taking 25-75 mg of CBD daily for one month improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety.

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However, other research suggests that CBD could help to protect against the toxic side effects of alcohol. A 2013 study tested the effects of CBD on rodents in an animal-based model of binge drinking. The researchers gave the animals either a CBD injection or transdermal CBD gel prior to giving them alcohol.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much rigorous research done on the interaction of CBD and alcohol. Currently, we still do not properly understand the interaction between CBD and alcohol. However, based on the above, we can make a few deductions. Since cannabis and alcohol are both depressants, the numbing, relaxing, sedative-like effects of both substances often increase when you use them together.

Generally, the effects of alcohol will be more intense if you consume it within 4-8 hours of using CBD. Allowing wine and CBD to interact results in a greater loss of motor coordination, greater loss of inhibition, and greater loss of control. Essentially, when consuming both at the same time, the effects will be more intense than when you consume just one of the substances.

It slows down the brain functions by inhibiting the central nervous system. Although this may increase one’s social skills, over time, it can lead to impaired cognitive function and neurodegeneration. This is where CBD comes in. Studies show that mixing CBD and alcohol can reduce the alcohol level in the blood, which may reduce damage to the brain cells and organs.

While CBD doesn’t contribute to cognitive impairment and delayed motor skills on its own, it seems to enhance the drinking experience. The reason for this could have something to do with the fact that CBD imitates the depressant effects of alcohol when you use the substances together. However, other chemical processes may be going on that require further research.